Our Goats

We love and take a great care of our goats. They are familly.

Stancija Kumparička is one of the few milk farms in the region using exclusively milk from our own goats. We raise them, breed and milk them ourselves, since it’s the only way to have absolute control of the process and maintain the highest standards (our own).

Whether sun or rain, bura or fog, our goats freely pasture during the day and take shelter and some well needed rest in the barn during the evening. The mature female goats are milked twice a day, 5AM and 5PM. Along with our shepherds and the loyal dogs, over 80 types of aromatic herbs, grasses and bushes span through the vast pastures where they graze.
Our goats have the company of our herding dogs most of the time, to protect them from the wild animals still roaming in the forests around us.

The milking period of goats does not go on through the whole year, so catch us from spring to autumn for all the fresh products, while during winter we offer our semi-hard cheeses while we’re preparing for the next generation of baby goats in March and April.