Let’s make cheese together

Solution for the early birds!

Let’s make cheese together

8:00 – 14:00

Solution for the early birds!

The morning round of milking is usually finished by 8am. Then, over a cup of coffee, our collaboration begins. First, we plan which type of cheese we make today. Then we will put on some light protective overalls, wash our hands, and head for the dairy. Under the watchful guidance of the cheese maker, we will create a top-notch cheese. We will watch how it changes in the maturation room. Having completed the cheese making – we will treat ourselves to a nice brunch. A walk around the farm is a lovely conclusion to this story.

Morning tour 8:00-13:00 includes:

Breakfast – cheese-making class – warm brunch of locally made food

Max. 6 people, not suited for small children

From March to October

Price per working day = 1,200EUR

Provided at an extra cost you can reserve the days-worth of cheese, to be sent to you during different ageing periods, for your hand made cheese for the next 2 years!

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