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Seeing that the goat is the symbol of Istria, the entire peninsula has a history that goes back to the pre-Roman times of cheese-making.

Every scent and bite of our cheese takes you on a historic path and a voyage through the tastes of the herbs of the Istrian pastures, like thyme and sage – chosen specifically by our goats for being the tastiest! Infused by the salty breeze of the nearby sea the milk is ever-changing, just like the seasons. Feel the human effort invested into the production and the  daily attention put into the cheese maturation process. For the true gastronomic delight and the magic of cheese ageing, have a taste of some of our semi-firm cheeses, made from unpasteurised milk ageing over 30 months for the true gastronomic delight.

But to experience the process from the beginning, enjoy a glass of milk, a creamy cheese spread, our fresh soft cheeses and semi-hard cheeses, up to 3 years of age.

The array of our products has attracted a considerable number of permanent clients. In other words, those who visit us once, love to return!

The entire process is controlled and overlooked in accordance with the international HACCP system of sanitary control. We keep full record of the production steps for every cheese we make.

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