About Stancija Kumparička

Good people. Good food.

Let’s Meet & Eat

Our products made from unpasteurised milk include yoghurt, curd and whey, fresh lactic cheeses, semi-firm cheeses and caramel. They can be purchased at the farm or in our shop at the Pula main market. Alternatively, we can send them to you directly by mail.

Throughout the year we provide seasonal events to find out more about the farm, from gastronomic events to cheese-making courses. Visit our Farm To-Do’s page to learn more.

Our guiding principle is a profound respect for nature and our goal is to promote genuine gastronomic tastes.

Top Quality

An array of top-quality chefs and gastronomers, locally and worldwide have acknowledged the excellence of our products and have included them in their menus. We pride ourselves in using what the nature gifts us to the best of our abilities, while loving our animals and taking joy and pleasure in what we do. These values are shared by all of us who live and work at the farm.

With a previous reservation we’ll open our doors for you year-round, for dinners, gastronomic events and cheese-making courses. Being at the farm allows you to learn more about the actual cheese-making process, and see it through your own eyes, from the milking, to the maturation of cheese.

Visit Kumparička and share them with us!

Latest News

January – Finally! Our first baby goats are here! The stables are full of life and joy as the kids take their first steps under the watchful eye of their mothers.

February – There are more and more kids, by the day and we’ve slowly started the milking season, while still leaving plenty of milk for the baby goats! Finally, we have yoghurt!

March – The goats have plenty of milk by now, so we start milking twice a day, which means plenty of milk for the small goats and for us!

April –  The baby goats are now getting their own food, adapting to pasture with their own mini trial grass-fields, separated from their mothers, so they don’t get lost in the big forest!

May – In May we reach our maximum milk capacity, the spring rains have provided us with bright green grass-fields so the goats are enjoying a very diverse menu, from wild herbs to bushes all filled with nutrients.

June – Full milking capacity in May means plenty of semi-hard cheese in June! Finally our shelves are starting to fill up with this years cheese and you can try the full range of flavour, from fresh cheese to our matured cheese up to 4 years of age!

July – By the end of July, the grass is starting to dry out under the scorching sun, so the pasture moves into the shade of forest, where goats feed on typical Istrian “makija”.

August –  August is the driest month of the season so the pastures are fully taking place in the forest. While we wait for the first September rains, the goats are resourceful, finding food on bushes and standing up on their back legs to reach the higher leaves on trees!

September – The mating season has began! Even though our goats are producing less milk by the day, we are preparing for the next seasons milk already! Our shepherds are taking the goats out to find the best bushes and trees to munch on and to enjoy the autumn sun.

October – The milking season is coming to an end, which unfortunately means no more fresh cheese until the spring. But, we keep playing around with our semi-hard cheese – currently making semi-hard cheese that was submerged in wine solids, so look out for for our cheese with a dark purple rind and wonderful smell of Refošk wine!

November – Finally, autumn is really here, the tree branches are naked but the grass has started growing again, so the goats will be grazing the green fields until the next year

December – Our highly pregnant goats are taking their time, December is a time of rest, as the 150 day gestation period is coming to an end, we are looking forward to new life in the stables.